Plastic molding plant

We can handle everything from design to implementation. We are able to design a concept, develop a prototype as well as a final product. Thanks to our plastic molding plant, tool shop, laboratory and development team, we are able to handle the entire production process itself under the one roof.

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Development of a product


We offer services linked to product development within the implementation of contracts for our customers. In addition to the Catia V5, Solidworks 2017 and NX CAD systems, we have rich experience in the field of designing plastic parts, the production of prototypes using 3D print technology and casting parts in silicon dies, the production of plastic parts in aluminum dies and, naturally, subsequent validation/testing of prototypes, the results of which are taken into consideration in further design stages of a project. Important validation tests performed in our laboratory include a climatic change test, sunlight test and flammability test.

Before starting prototype production, we recommend verifying the key parameters of a product by calculations and simulations, the results and knowledge of which are very valuable. According to the scope of contracts, we also take on recognized partners in the field, whose quality of work has been proven by long-term cooperation with us.

We also strive to develop a product which is primarily functional, as well as technologically producible and financially profitable.

Tool design and production


We assess the fabricability of plastic parts, design the optimum production process and an injection mold or various types of measuring and inspection jigs.

We implement the design and production of molds in order to ensure trouble-free functioning of the mold in mass production, a long service life and easy maintenance. In doing so, we always adhere to the set deadlines and price.

We have experience in designing various types of injection molds for plastic parts intended for both technical and decorative uses.

We use Catia V5, Solidworks 2017 and ZW3D CAD software for these activities. We are also able to process data from NX CAD software. In more complicated applications, we simulate and analyze creep to detect common risks and specify the concept of the mold in detail.

Injection molding


Plastic parts are manufactured on the most modern Engel injection molding machines. Their clamping force ranges from 50 to 3200 tons. The machines are fitted with linear robots, some of which have six axes. These carry out the removal of parts as well as other operations (removal of gate residues, burning of overflows). The optimum handling and heat treatment of parts is enabled by conveyor belts. Granulates are stored in stainless steel and textile silos and their transport and drying are controlled centrally.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to ensure a stable, high-quality process and thus meet strict customer requirements.

We are able to produce a wide portfolio of parts. The parts may weigh from several grams up to 10–15 kg. We produce visual as well as hidden parts, parts for vehicle interiors (sills, columns, front console parts, cockpit components, boot parts) and parts for vehicle exteriors (front and rear bumper parts or fifth door spoilers).

We have two-component injection technology as well as nitrogen blowing technology.

Assembly completion


We perform the assembly of complicated units using sophisticated assembly jigs.

Automated inspection of all the components used in an assembly is carried out in the assembly processes. This process is controlled by an information system which also enables the collection of production data and subsequent evaluation of the efficiency, productivity and scrap rate.

Besides unit completion, we also provide other services such as welding, laser works, foaming of parts (an alternative to two-component injection molding) and tampon printing. We outsource painting of some products.

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Quality inspection

ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, CCC, ISO 14001

The automotive industry has strict requirements for quality, a stable process, certifications, etc. We are ready for anything. We place great emphasis on thorough performance of inter-operational inspections, process stability evaluation and timely detection of the risk of defects occurring. We have a laboratory where we can take numerous measurements and tests at our own cost. It is equipped, among others, with a 3D ZEISS ACCURA II 10 measuring device which enables parameters and customer requirements to be checked. The laboratory is equipped with many other pieces of equipment:

  • a climatic chamber for simulating climatic changes,
  • a Xenotest chamber,
  • a combustion chamber to perform flammability tests,
  • a spectrophotometer,
  • a humidity analyzer,
  • a melt index determination device,
  • a SpectraLight light booth, a Multi gloss 268 gloss meter.

We have a properly and efficiently set quality management system and at the same time introduce requirements of automotive standards into the production process.

We hold the ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, CCC, and ISO 14001 certificates.



We have a new logistics center which covers an area of more than 6,000 m2, which provides more than 10,000 pallet places and enables quality provision of logistics processes. Semi-automatically controlled system trucks enable stacking up to a height of 11 m, while the truck speed between racks reaches almost 8 km/h.

The capacities of the logistics center allow us to handle up to 4 trucks at once, and the handling speed per truck ranges from 30 to 45 minutes.

Our center handles 40 – 50 trucks a day.

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